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_Carriden Parish Church

Together in Spirit

June, 2020

Dear Friends,

As we continue in these challenging times, we may be alone by necessity, but we remain together in spirit.

If you would like to make contact, please refer to the church website, or contact your elder.

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Please get in touch if you need support or would like us to provide Church Family news and, in the meantime, stay well, stay safe, stay home, stay connected.

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Dear all,

I am writing to advise you that, while enjoying working with you I, unfortunately, from 1st July, will no longer be your Interim Moderator. This change is due to the retirement of Rev Dr Mary Henderson of Laurieston and Redding & Westquarter Churches, in the Braes area, where I will be appointed as Interim Moderator.

I am, however, pleased to say that Mr Philip Hacking will be your new Interim Moderator. Philip is the Chaplain of FVRH and will be starting his probationary year of his training for OLM, after the Summer.

I will be in touch be nearer the time. Meanwhile, you remain in my thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.

Every Blessing Debbie .................................................................................

Lockdown versus Locked Out

By now we have all lived with the phrase lockdown, a short word meaning our lives have changed in ways that would have seemed impossible just weeks ago. Rather than look at all the reasons for lockdown I am now pondering the meaning of lockdown and both its limits and its advantages. What does it mean for you? What does it mean for me? For me, the first few weeks were almost in the novelty stage, less pressure to be somewhere, have something to do and meet expectations from many different sources. Each day started with what would I do today rather than a heavy diary of demands.

I soon found out that the garden fence only takes so many days to repaint. Sheila had a mountain of cupboards that she insisted we clear out but nowhere to take the (newly found) rubbish. I am dreading the extra weeks in lockdown as she is sure to consider the loft the next place to be cleared. That’s the practical way to stay reasonably occupied in a different way during an imposed restriction. However finding a way through the multiple options of technology has allowed me to stay in touch with folk by phone, email, Facetime (reluctantly) and finally Zoom.

So what do we mean by staying in touch, even using that word touch reminds us of the limits, we can’t touch each other with hand shake or hug, even our closest family have a stand off limit. Our personal joy and our sadness has been the birth of our baby granddaughter, Olivia, on 30th March this year and we have only been able to see her through a car window, waving to grandchildren and being told that our 7yr old granddaughter, Grace, has counted the hugs she is missing, 105 at the last count.

These continued limits on our ability to function in the community have given me a new respect for those who have more permanent restrictions, that through health or finance they don’t have the general freedom to be out and about. If you are used to serious limits in your life I take my hat off to your patience and perseverance. You have learned what the rest of us are facing each new day. What is it that we are learning? There is a difference between being in lockdown and locked out of life.

Lockdown for Scotland just now is based on trying to protect us from risk, from a virus that is capable of silently killing our people and overloading our National Health Service. This is a restriction I am willing to accept for the greater protection of our people.

Locked out means we have fewer ways of connecting with our fellow beings or our God. This is not an acceptable way of life; what loss for those who don’t have the comfort of knowing God cares for them and wants the best for them; what loss that they don’t have an assurance that no matter what difficulties are being experienced there is the presence of God to make life bearable. So lockdown means I am connected by technology to people and by faith to God, I pray that you too can find a way to be connected to each other but more importantly remember to stay connected to God. Just a thought, if we are experiencing lockdown and can feel locked out at times, I wonder if you have ever considered that God might be feeling He has been locked out of our lives many times over the years. This is the time to take assurance to God and take assurance from God that we are connected to Him. This surely is a positive reason for sharing our lockdown experiences with those who have felt locked out.

Psalm Ch16 V1 “Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge.”

Please see the telephone number and email address below, feel free to phone or email for a catch up chat or a place to share a concern. Feel free to pass on this information to others who might need a bit of support at these difficult times.

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Every blessing, David Wandrum