News Letter


Vision Statement:

Carriden together with Blackness, caring and compassionate

All are welcome

Reaching out to the community; always

Ready and willing to change and move forward

Ideas explored and expanded

Doing always achieves more than talking

Each of us is important and

Needed to share in the Life & Work of our Church

Invitation: You are invited to participate in the celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion: Date of Service Sunday 9th September 2018

10:00am Blackness Church 11:15am Carriden Church

N.B. there will be no crèche available during Communion services


The Church Choir would like to welcome new members! If you love to sing, come and join us. Practices are on Thursdays at 7-9pm in the Lund Hall.


A Message from the Interim Moderator…..

                                         Your ways are not My ways…

A father of three sometimes plays with his children a game that they love. It is called, ‘The opposite world’: speaking to each other, they say the opposite of what they mean. When the children say, ‘Daddy is a silly man’, dad pretends to be angry and they laugh. When dad says to them: ‘You are not allowed to watch tv tonight’, they cheer. When dad says, ‘I am going to cook something that you don’t like’, the cheer is not so loud for, imagine dad will really do that…cook Brussels sprouts or something. When dad says: ‘You’re not going to bed for a long time’, they say, ‘Oh good’. When he replies, ‘But we’re playing, ‘The opposite world’, they say, ‘Oh, we stopped playing that game a while ago.’ When we read stories in the bible, we may note that they tell that God’s ways are the opposite of ours. We often say: ‘God works in mysterious ways’, without realizing that those mysterious ways are illustrated in stories, starting already in the first bible book Genesis, about the matriarchs: barren women who gave birth to sons from whom Israel grew and was formed. And out of Israel a young virgin was chosen by God, to be the mother of His Son. What we can learn from this is that it is God’s way to start there where we are not able to see possibilities. And so He remains mysterious in how He is, thinks and realizes His purposes. But the more we choose to live our lives on the basis facts and evidence, on what appears to be obvious…on our timing…the less room there is for discerning those mysterious ways. Let alone for acknowledging them and allowing them to affect you. For most of the time, we manage to find a logical explanation for things that happen or don’t happen or no longer happen. However, it is in the light of God’s illogical, incomprehensible power to work from within human limitations, that we can believe and trust the words spoken to the apostle Paul, My grace is sufficient, for my power is made perfect in weakness (1 Corinthians 12:9) May you all find encouragement in these words, With every blessing, Debbie van Welie

                                                    3                                                                               Woman's 

The Woman's Group starts back for the new Session on the 19th September. We meet on a Wednesday afternoon in the Lund Hall, Cowdenhill at 13.30pm and every fortnight after that. We would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone who enjoys a cup of tea a chat and some interesting speakers. So come along and join our group for a couple of hours of fun and fellowship in the middle of your busy week. We look forward to seeing you. Catherine Hamilton and Alison Snedden

Change to Church Bank Account Since the closure over recent years of the Royal Bank of Scotland branches in Bo'ness, Grangemouth and Linlithgow, Carriden Church decided to move its main account to the Bank of Scotland. This took place at the end of June. All payments into the former RBS account are being forwarded automatically to the new BoS account. This includes all Standing Order payments by which many members of the congregation make their regular offering to the Church. You therefore need take no action and should not be concerned if you find that your payments are now being sent to a different account. The automatic forwarding of any payments from the old account to the new will continue for several years. However, should any member of the congregation be setting up new payment instructions, it would be helpful if funds were directed to our new account. Please ask our treasurer, Graham Blackbourn, for details, or if you have any questions.

Carriden Community Volunteer Group The Afternoon Club and FunB4T club continue to be held fortnightly as do the Carriden Walks. Future cooking sessions will be highlighted and details of the various activities are also printed in the news section of the Order of Service each week. To Absent Friends This event which will be hosted by the Afternoon Club on Wednesday 7th November is open to all retired men and women. In the spirit of the Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief Organisation of which Carriden Community Volunteer Group is a member, the afternoon will take the form of a happy celebration of life, remembering friends and family from whom we are separated by distance or by death. We will pre-arrange for some of our members to share memories and there will be opportunity for spontaneous short stories. The memories will be linked by poems, slides and music. Candles are universally associated with remembrance and will be available for those who wish to light a candle of remembrance. The event will conclude with everyone sharing a meal. Please phone 01506 82 4723 if you want more details about any of the clubs.

Family News


Blair Davidson & Emma Rose 13th July 2018

Callum Meikle & Lisa Monaghan 11th August 2018


Betty Stewart* 4th June 2018

Barbara Burns* 5th June 2018

Margo Kennedy* 20th June 2018

Walter Campbell* 24th June 2018

For all information on forthcoming events please visit our website:

Carriden contact details:

Interim Moderator: Rev Debbie Van Welie

Locum Minister: Rev David Wandrum

Session Clerk: Mr Robert Stuart
01506 827790

Organist: Mrs Pearl Bartai
01501 734 748

Church Officer: Mr Robert Brown
01506 827304

Bo’ness Churches Together

Are having a Quiz night on Friday 28th September 2018 in St Mary’s Church at 7pm. Tickets priced £2 are available from Christine Anderson or Moira Simpson. Donations of home baking will be welcomed on the night.